FEBA Academic Events offer unique experiences for students, professionals, and anyone who want to know more about the Balkans, Balkan-Americans, and issues concerning them. FEBA Academic Events present educational and networking opportunities for like-minded academics and professionals at different fields. Attendees come to exchange ideas, experiences, and information with colleagues who face the same challenges in everyday life.

Academic Events are designed to meet the professional developmental needs of Balkan-Americans and those who want to know more about the Balkans or global issues. These events are focused on the Balkan countries and their challenges, relations and the further development of  the relationships between these countries and the United States; issues concerning Balkan-Americans in the US; global issues of common concern; and other topics of interest that will help in the capacity building and professional development of Balkan-Americans.

We choose qualified speakers and experts in various fields, both from academia and professionals. Every year we organize different events in various US states, mostly in partnership with US universities, but not limited to them.

We believe that an opportunity to learn from experts, researchers, and like-minded people is invaluable for the Balkan-American community, and also giving them opportunities to present their research and thoughts will help them in their professional development. Our experience have shown us that networking opportunities like these are much needed and highly valuable for everyone, especially the youth.