The Federation of Balkan American Organizations (FEBA) understands the importance of investing time and resources in the youth. Moreover, FEBA understands the challenges that you are experiencing in the 21st century and aims to provide the ground will help them cope with these obstacles.

Sports and recreation are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle, especially in a time when exercise is difficult to fit into a busy student schedule. Aside from this, sports can also provide a positive environment for youth where they not only have a place to escape from the stresses in their lives but also a place to develop lifelong skills such as respect and team work. It is precisely which FEBA looks to develop amongst the youth so that they may progress through life well equipped to handle every curve ball that may be thrown their way.

Sports Camp

The Federation of Balkan American Associations (FEBA) understands the importance of investing time and resources in bringing up and tuning the future leaders according to the challenges in the 21st century.

Soccer & Basketball Leagues

The ultimate goal of the FEBA Sports Department is to establish FEBA Sports Club in every Balkan American community that is already established.The next stage will be to organize the regional Soccer and Basketball leagues. The FEBA Basketball and Soccer leagues will provide competition on a local level between FEBA sports clubs that are in a close proximity to each other.

Sports Clubs

In order to fulfill the aforementioned commitment, FEBA Sports Department has established the concept of’ FEBA Sports Clubs’. The idea behind the FEBA Sports Clubs is to provide Balkan American communities safe environments for their kids.