FEBA Outreach is an initiative started by members of the community with the mission to reach out to Balkan American communities in the United States and encourage civic participation & leadership, and engagement with elected officials in order to maximize the potential of our communities.

“Today’s Voice, Tomorrow’s Future”

We are the Balkan American communities of the United States, who number in the millions. Yet, we are still not connected to our elected officials. We are civil servants, caring parents, and active youth, who want a brighter future for our children and families in this country we hold so dearly. After generations of establishing ourselves as one of the many immigrant communities in the U.S., our goal as we move our next generation forward should be to engage our communities in the electoral process, bring better visibility and representation to our community, and mentor the next generation of youth and enhance their leadership potential.

Our Focus

  • Community Outreach
  • Empowering the Balkan Americans
  • Internships
  • Voter Registration
  • Civic Leadership & Participation

FEBA Outreach Initiatives

  1. Identifying issues of importance to the Balkan-American Community
  2. Reaching out to the elected officials
  3. Promoting voter education, advocacy, and participation
  4. Producing resources & tools to empower local communities

Get Involved: Join FEBA Outreach

Effective grassroots leaders all start as inexperienced people standing there, wondering how to get through the crazy world of communities, organizing, and the rest. Yet they have a reason for taking action, a reason that makes it all worthwhile:

  1. Join an organization with vast experience, extensive resources, and national presence. You will be given the opportunity to learn and gain experience in grassroots organizing – gaining insights from the best within and outside of our community.
  2. You become an important piece in shaping the organization and are on the front lines of your community, registering voters, meeting elected/public officials. Know that your efforts will have profound effects on the future of both your local community and communities throughout the country.
  3. Be kept up-to-date on FEBA Outreach’s work in various cities. Collaborate with other volunteers through virtual conferences/workshops and conference calls. Ultimately, leverage each other’s perspectives, and more.  You will have prospects of engaging with other volunteers and sharing best practices.
  4. Have the opportunity to teach and mentor Balkan American communities about civic leadership. It is said that “to teach is to learn twice”. By taking on a leadership role you will also have the opportunity to ingrain your knowledge and experience and ground it into real practice.
  5. FEBA Outreach will also send you information about special opportunities available only for volunteers.

How Do I Become a Volunteer For FEBA Outreach?                        

  • To become a volunteer for FEBA Outreach, one must identify the contact person in their region and get in touch with them.  The FEBA Outreach leader of that region will provide you with instructions on becoming a volunteer and what your duties in the group will be.  You can also send an email to info@balkanamerican.org to request information such as what the closest FEBA Outreach contact is to you and how you can join the team.
  • Volunteers are expected to be enthusiastic about helping the Balkan community get their voices heard and be represented by local and national candidates.

What Would I Gain from Volunteering?

  • Volunteering for such a cause that FEBA Outreach stands for has great benefits.  Volunteers are helping the Balkan American community to become a prominent one recognized by everyone.  FEBA Outreach will help our community to become represented and linked.
  • Encouraging Balkan Americans to outreach and network will enable them to have a say in who will be their leader and in what direction this country will go so that one day, their children and grandchildren will know their previous generations did something to help their education, economy, healthcare, and other issues important to Balkan Americans.