We have all heard phrases like “it’s not about what you know; it’s about whom you know”, or “your net worth is only as good as your network”. These phrases have never been as relevant as they are today.

Networking is about establishing long-term relations and building enduring relationships with like-minded people, or the people in your interest areas. Research has shown the most important skill that helped influential people accelerate in their careers is Networking. Personal relationships are catalysts for success, and to be able to succeed one must cultivate emerging relationships and leverage their network.

The art of networking is nothing more than the use of contacts to take advice, information, or referrals, from people that one trusts or the experts in a field. Studies have shown that 60 to 90% of jobs are found through friends, and employers trust most on the referrals when they hire. From job-hunting to job-creating, from social networking to professional networking, this skill has shown to be the single most important characteristic to make it in the hectic life of the professional world today.

FEBA offers many networking opportunities at different levels. With academic events, cultural events, leadership programs, summits, and partnerships, we aim to network the Balkan-American community with American professionals, Balkan peoples, and professionals worldwide. This, we believe, will boost the potential of Balkan-American youth to become more integrated in American life, more involved with the community, not to lose touch with their origins, and do their best in professional developmental endeavors. From one-on-one meetings to thousands-of-people summits, FEBA aims at forming long-term bridges of relations that will benefit Balkan-Americans.

One of the speakers at the NAPEC Innovation Conference, co-organized by FEBA, Dr. Kevin McGovern, pointed out: “In America, everyone thinks that money is most important, but they are all wrong. Network is much more important; it is who you know, what you do for others, and who you can trust, that is most important in the United States.” We believe that this statement of a self-made billionaire, the founder of SoBe beverages Mr. McGovern, is correct and stands for what FEBA seeks to achieve.