leadership programs

Being prepared for the global challenges of today is one of the most valued features of a leader. This requires the ability of a person to read and comprehend every situation one can find themselves in. One is not born with this important feature; it is learned and developed with time. FEBA Leadership Programs help Balkan-Americans develop this feature by encouraging them to face these challenges and learn from the best. The key to success, we believe, is the ability and potential to learn. FEBA serves a catalyst that uncovers this potential within every participant, and matches it with the right field of leadership. These programs give the opportunity to the participants to learn from the best in their field, and places them in practical situations where they can learn first hand.

Learning the ways to decode the international system is up to the participant’s ability, but it is the job of FEBA to create that opportunity. We bring together the global mindset and motivation to boost the ability to read and comprehend global challenges. In this context, FEBA Leadership Programs are programs tailored to increase networking between the Balkan-American community and the global professional community; help Balkan-American youth in perfecting their abilities in public speaking, analytical thinking, entrepreneurship, situation analysis, image making, public relations, civil society, project management, dispute management, community leadership, mentoring, critical thinking, and the like, by theoretical education as well as practical situations in study visits, internships, and meetings.