FEBA women


FEBA WOMEN is working as a branch of the Federation of Balkan American Association, mostly with women of Balkan’s origin. Its mission is “Contributing the society in large by helping women become self-reliant individuals who are productive and responsible citizens of their local and global communities”.

The woman is the backbone of the society. She is the one who brings up and teaches the basics of life to the child. The woman teaches both the male and the female, so she is the one who brings up and shapes the society. Therefore, a woman’s education and her social standing are of much importance. A lot of care and attention should be given to the women. The more educated and developed they are the better society will be. The well being of a woman is the wellbeing of the community. For that reason, FEBA Women Association aims to help women, as a result the family and the society at large for a better, peaceful, and healthier environment. This is only possible with consciousness, insight, effort, and contribution ready to reveal the mercy and love that women possess.
To sum up, women should be encouraged and motivated to have active presence in society, which will educate, entertain, and enrich them with knowledge and culture. Consequently, integration, which is one of FEBA’s key goals, will be assisted with better and greater involvement in these areas.

The specific activities planned to be organized by FEBA Women are as follows: events that raise awareness and introduce the culture and tradition, celebrations of important historical days, organize entertaining programs, child education and women panels, family and happy life education and seminars, food fair and charity activities. For instance, organizing catering, accessories, souvenirs, cloths foods fairs and deliver the income to people in need, such as senior citizens and orphans, etc. In addition, weekly friendship and entertaining meetings, monthly and annual women association days are also some of the plans.