balkan leaders summit

Balkan Leaders Summit is a signature program that FEBA organizes every September, with the highest levels of representation by Balkan leaders. In bringing together Balkan leaders, and other leaders of professional fields, FEBA aims to increase the interaction between these influential people. But, what makes this program valuable is that it is organized by FEBA volunteers, so they can have first hand experience in organizing such a big event, meeting these influential people, and getting motivated to do better in their own professional lives.


FEBA’s main focus is Balkan-American youth, and with this program despite of motivating them in participating in an event with all the Balkan and American Leaders, they have the opportunity to discover their organizational team-working abilities, by putting them into practice.

For five years, Balkan Leaders Summit has caught the attention of various Balkan leaders, who have participated at the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Foreign Ministers level, of Balkan countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.

These summits are organized around a particular topic that is discussed to bring possible solutions by the highest representation of the states. Among them are persistent peace in the Balkans, their common future within the EU and NATO, interdependent market economy, women’s role in peace and development, and the like.